General Statement of Information, Limited Liability, and Guest Responsibilities

All ARVTS vactions and adventures will usually consist of a mimimum of three (3) and maximum of twelve (12) guests on all of our vacation package tours. These Travel packages may be cancelled at our discretion and or sold out.

In the unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance of the cancellation of an event, all funds of the vacation package will be fully refunded or at your request, applied to a future event.

All vacation or day package events cancelled by our guest prior to commencing may be assessed a processing fee to cover the cost of deposits already placed with secondary providers. All cancellations by our traveling  guest will result in a partial and or total loss of your deposit which will be used to cover the fees of secondary providers as well as our processing fee. 

Iteneraries are to be used as a guideline only and may be changed or modified due to conditions or situations beyond our control.

The refusal or inability of a guest to board a plane, van, boat or other mode of transportation will be deemed the vacationing guests responsibility. The guest will not be entitled to a refund and may be assessed a fee to be charged to the vacationing guest in order to cover the cost of bringing the situation under the control of our Recreation Coordinator.

Any uncooperative or unmanageable behavior on the part of our vacation guest which directly results in additional cost to ARVTS will be the full responsibiliy of the guest.. This includes any additoinal airfare, hotel charges, transportation costs, or the leasing of wheelchairs or other equipment which was made necessary & was required to resolve the unanticipated situation . ARVTS reserves the right to remove any uncooperative guest who impedes or infringes upon the enjoyment of the other vacationing guests. If there is any additional costs associated with an uncooperative or unmanageable  guest, no refunds will be made once the vaction tour begins

ARVTS has made arrangements with airlines, cruise ship Providers, hotels, motor coach companies and other third party independent suppliers to provide service and has taken all reasonable steps to enure that proper arrangements have been made for the vaction package tours. ARVTS has limited responsibility and liability for the actions or omissions of these independent suppliers over whom ARVTS has no direct control. ARVTS is not reponsible for loss or damage arising from injury, property or other economic situations caused by such factors beyond our control. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, ARVTS reserves the right to withdraw any vacation package or make any change without notice but will try to provide all vacation guests with as much advanced notice as possible.

In the event of delays caused by inclement weather, mechanical diffculties or other events beyond our control , ARVTS will have limited liability resulting in cost or expenses to the guests which may include additional lodging and meals unanticipated or paid for in the vacation tour package. Furthermore, it is not the responsibility of ARVTS to reimburse guests for independently supplied third party service resulting from such delays or omissions due to conditions beyond our control. ARVTS will function as the liaison and advocate between our guests and the independent supplier of service and will initate action on behalf of our vacation guests.

IMPORTANT: All guests using an airline or cruise ship when traveling must possess a Photo I.D. which includes A goverment issued Dept. of Motor Vehicle non drivers license or a Passport( which is recommended). If your travel vacation will take you out of the USA, a passport is required. The airline & cruise ships WILL NOT allow travel without the proper required identification. ARVTS strongly recommends that during any travel event involving a passport, proof of citizenship or any other valuable personal belongings or medications, that our guest display confidence in us by allowing us to secure these items. All will be returned Prompty at the conclusion of our vacation package tour. If our vaction guest opts to retain these items in their possession, they will be fully responsible for their safekeeping as well as their loss. Should a loss occur, the guest will be solely responsible for any and all additional costs involved.

Medical expenses incurred on our trips are the sole responsibility of the vacationing guest, their family and or their medical insurance carrier.

All returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 fee to cover the cost or our bank charges.

Please Note: 
Vacation guests must be in possession of a Photo ID from a State or Federal government source (e.g., A STATE Dept. of Motor Vehicle Non-Drivers License ID) or a Federal USA Passport.

Registration & Deposit Deadlines: 
Day Trips: Payment in full upon registration one (1) month prior to date of excursion.

Packages Via Rail, Airplane, Cruise Ship or Van: 50% deposit required with registration three (3) months prior to departure. Payment in full one (1) month prior to departure

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